Why is MIDSOUTH Sober Living needed?
Living in an MSL center provides individuals with the opportunity to learn to live outside of the structure of a rehabilitation program while maintaining their alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

Policies and rules have been created to facilitate a safe living environment.  We encourage and allow the freedom to work, cook meals, own a car and attend to other essential needs.  Additionally, First Step Recovery Centers provides aftercare treatment and a continuum of care through their trained and licensed staff.  A community nutritionist offers tips and meal
suggestions to encourage eating healthier, which is good for body, mind and spirit.  Other recovering individuals in the community volunteer and share their experiences, strengths and hope which helps the residents identify with them and look forward to their own healthy future.

How is MIDSOUTH Sober Living funded?

MSL is funded primarily through program income, grants, private contributions, and special events.  Please note that MidSouth Sober Living is an entity classified under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and donations are tax deductible.  Consule your tax professional for more information about your potential tax benefits and deductibility.

For a detailed overview of MSL including but not limited to IRS 990, Financials, Governance, and 
Management please visit

MIDSOUTH Sober Living Leadership

Walter Williams - Executive Director

Board of Directors

Jack Wyatt - Chairman 

Robin Clochard - Secretary - Treasurer

Willy Bearden

Mac Edwards

Michael Graber

Elizabeth Harcourt

Ami Kelly

Butch Odom
Grace Pipkin

Laurel Reisman

Advisory Board  

Bob Beck

Jan Brucker

Clark Converse

Steve Hornsby

Barry Lichterman

Larry Magdovitz

Robin Morgan
Molly Norfleet

James Rasberry
Stephen Watts